New Book Reveals: The 21 Ways You Can Boost Your Influence in 2014 And Beyond

This leadership devotional guide will show you how to use your natural ability and experience to transform your leadership influence.

In this new book You Will Discover How to...

  • Manage and preserve your influence

    A prerequisite to unapologetic leadership is to be clear on where you stand and what makes you uncomfortable. Being resilient in these two areas will help you counter anything that threatens your ability to be productive.

  • Inspire others to reach their full potential

    An unapologetic leader isn’t too proud to let others shine. Their motives are strategic and are rooted in the greater good of the team.

  • Attract partners who add value to your life

    Great leaders take note of the qualities that their potential partner possesses and uncovers ways to make the partnership mutually beneficial.

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...your message influences me to continue to grow."

Chauntice College Access Coach have published a noteworthy tool for those who dare to become a leader on any level! Congratulations!

Raymond Wiggins, Sr.
Raymond Wiggins, Sr. Bible Teacher

This book is sure to be a foundational resource for any leader that is ready to break the mold of complacency and begin leading with no apologies!

Joe Leal
Joe Leal Youth Pastor

Your content makes me reach into my core to become an influencer for our future society.

James Motivational & Leadership Speaker